Eye Examination

The eye examination is performed to identify eye problems such as glaucoma, cataracts, and retinal diseases. Dr. Leidlein prefers to dilate most patients as this is the best method to identify eye problems. If you are uncomfortable driving after being dilated, bring a driver.


Emergency Eye Examinations

We make an effort to examine cases requiring immediate assistance. This can disrupt the daily office schedule, and we appreciate your patience as we fit you in our schedule. We do what it takes to address the urgent issues only. We will leave the non urgent issues to another visit.


A refraction is performed to determine your glasses prescription. In addition, it may be performed to differentiate a glasses problem from an eye disease problem causing loss of vision. A refraction is performed at your request if you are wanting a new prescription for glasses or if the doctor feels it is necessary for diagnostic purposes.

Contact Lenses

Dr. Leidlein performs most contact lens fittings. She does not fit multifocal, toric or gas permeable contact lenses.